Turtle Mountain Bible Camp is one of 46 recipients of granting through the Province’s Building Sustainable Communities (BSC) Fund. TMBC received $25,000 for the purchase of a newer and larger backup generator, badly needed for times during power outages. 

Camp Director, Howard Wier, says the funds will go towards purchasing and installing the new generator. 

“Due to many years of having storms that take out power we feel that for safety reasons and insurance reasons, a backup generator is beneficial to the camp,” explains Wier. “We had little generators, personal generators, which we have used in the past but it does not maintain our walk-in cooler, our freezers and boiler system. So, we needed something major and this is what this budget is for.” 

Wier says the new generator will bring peace of mind to their operations. “It will be huge! Knowing that within 30 seconds of a power outage we still have power, and insurance-wise knowing that our food is safe, is huge. "When you’re without power for 30 hours, which we have been in the past, and you’ve got a freezer full of food it’s really difficult to keep that food in a safe mode.”  

The BSC fund is a cash/match grant, so the camp needed to raise their own $25,000 of the total cost. “Donations are just about complete and so we’re ready to go for the project, and the generator was picked up, so we’re just waiting for road restrictions to be removed and we hope to have it operational by mid-summer,” he adds.  

Additional projects receiving funds through the BSC Fund in the Boissevain-Deloraine area:


 $300,000 to build a new outdoor aquatic centre in Boissevain; 

 $96,000 to upgrade the ice plant at the Boissevain Curling Club; 

 $8,450 for upgrades to the International Music Camp near Boissevain; 

 $20,070 for upgrades at Camp Koinonia near Boissevain; 

 $25,100 for upgrades at Turtle Mountain Bible Camp near Boissevain; 

 $12,150 for upgrades to the Deloraine Golf Club; 

 $12,919 to complete a feasibility study for an outdoor pool in Deloraine;