The new General Secretary of Mennonite Church Canada officially took office last week. Willard Metzger was previously a pastor for 20 years before spending the last 5 years as director of church relations for World Vision Canada.

Metzger says Mennonite Church Canada, unlike some mainline denominations, has been retaining its members. At the same time he's well aware that new churches, that take more of a show business approach to worship, are having a lot of success growing their memberships.

Metzger says Mennonite Church Canada has a constituency that is very engaged which has enabled it to hang onto its members. As the church looks to grow, he tells us he's well aware that they must keep thinking of creative ways to do church differently, yet still holding onto their core values. Metzger adds Mennonite Church Canada has all the gifts it needs to have a strong, vibrant and growing church and he's excited to be part of it.