Civic elections will be held October 26th and a number of communities will see voters heading to the polls.

Here's a list of what's happening in several Westman municipalities:


Municipality of Grassland:





Bruce Evans


Ward 2

Kevin Mantell

Coral Millar

Ward 3

Brooks Woods



LUD Elgin

Jordan Turnbull




LUD Minto

Terry Campbell (I)

Blair Stewart (I)

Greg Workman (I)


One Election will be held for Ward 1

Curtis Clarke

Claude Martin (I)

Ewen Mosby (I)




Head of Council – Judy Swanson – in by acclamation


Candidates for the 6 Councillor positions:

Rob Adams (I)

Mike McCallum

Eric Reichert (I)

R. George Heide (I)

Rhonda Coupland (I)

David Stead (I)

Calvin Treichel


Killarney-Turtle Mountain

Mayor- Janice Smith in by acclamation

Six council seats:

Greg Ericson (I)

Jane Irleand

Joan Kemp (I)

Gary King (I)

Rick Pauls



Reeve: Kelly McMechan in by acclamation

Ward 1: Brian Lasko

Ward 2: Jerry Redden

Ward 4: Debbie Adams (I)

Ward 5: Cliff Kirkwood

Ward 6: Sara Rommelaere (I)


Ward 3 has two people running for one seat on council:

Richard Sexton

Kevin Weidenhamer



Mayor: Bill holden (I) acclaimed

Four council seats:

James Gerlock

Grant Hume (I)

Cara Redpath (I)

Camiel Surreys

Rhonda Verplanche (I)



Mayor: Ray Muirhead

Stuart Olmstead (I)

Debbie Rea



John Anderson (I)

Emma Denton

Michael Hamilton

William Kalinowich

Michael Sudak (I)

Samantha Vandamme


Prairie Lakes:

Reeve: Geoff Gregoire

Chris Irwin

Darren Seymour


Council seats:

Ward 1: Armand Vallotton

Ward 2: Glen Johnston (I)

Ward 3: Trent Cuvelier (I)

Ward 4: Michael McKay (I)

Ward 5: Andrew Gillingham

Katherine Taylor

Ward 6: Larry Cruikshank (I)

Kevin McClure



Mayor: Tina Williams

Murray Wright (I)


Six council seats:

Tara Cowan (I)

Jessie Cruikshank

Bruce Dunning

Lynette Grumpelt

Lance McLean

Karel Munchinsky (I)

Travis Penner (I)

Lori Ritchie

Marc Savy


Glenboro-South Cypress

Head of Council:

Trevor Drinkwater (I)

Charles Radford


Ward 1: Tanya Drinkwater (I)

              Alfred Hunt

Ward 2: Richard Hunt (I)

Ward 3: Tracy Campbell

Ward 4: Dale Fisher

Edwin Bedford



RM of Argyle:


Reeve: Mike Everett in by acclamation

Six council positions:

Joedy Desrochers (I)

Clayton Desrochers

Lana Grenier

Jesse Janz

Tom Kay (I)

Marilynne Pantel (I)

Alan Skardal

Kory Van Damme (I)


LUD of Baldur:

Belinda Pearson (I)

Troy Sigvaldson (I)