Westman residents who want to hear more about the state of health care in the region may want to take part in a meeting later this month.

Prairie Mountain Health (PMH) will hold its 2021-2022 Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Wednesday, October 26, from 12 pm until 1 pm.

Chief Executive Officer Brian Schoonbaert invites PMH staff, community representatives, organizational members and area residents to join the online interactive meeting. The AGM will be held via Zoom.

He says much of the AGM will focus on the region’s strategies and actions used to navigate through the difficult circumstances of year two of the COVID-19 pandemic. It will also provide another opportunity to recognize and acknowledge the tremendous efforts of health care staff and physicians who have and continue to provide care to the people who need it.

“We will have the opportunity to look back over our last operational year (April 1-2021-March 31, 2022) with a focus on our planning, care strategies and services mostly related to how the health system dealt with the ever-changing environment that resulted from the many phases of COVID-19. We’ll briefly touch on our current fiscal year, which is about six months complete, and provide an opportunity for participants to ask or send questions,” Schoonbaert stated.