Quilt Week at the Manitoba Agriculture Museum in Austin is wrapping up this weekend, with tomorrow being the last day.  

The collection of beautifully crafted quilts have been on display at various buildings throughout the museum over this past week.

Tricia Dyck is museum curator, and collections and programing manager.  She says the exhibition used to be a one-day event but has been so popular they had extended it for a week-long show, for the past few years.

"Our museum has a beautiful historic village, and of course we're known for many tractors and much agricultural equipment and many artifacts," explains Dyck. "So, Quilt Week is a chance to put that softer look on display and focus on some of our textiles."

"So, in our village buildings, which are numbered over 20, we have historic quilts as part of our collection on display on beds and sofas and different things. And then we've added a few other features too, for new or participating quilters in the area," she adds.

Their one-room schoolhouse, named Centerville School, has multiple quilts on display on its walls.  "So, quilts and various projects are on display on our new exhibition walls in that space."

The exhibition features quilts that are both machine sewn and hand-sewn, century-old blankets and new quilt projects in the works!

"Not only are you getting that real sense of domestic life that may have been a part of years ago, but we're able to bring that continued tradition to our museum grounds," she says. "Every time I look at a quilt, I see the hours that have been spent in making it."

"It doesn't matter if you look at the church or at the new quilts that are in Centreville School, or even those very old ones, there is a warmth and sort of a nod to family and comfort that comes across," shares Dyck.

Please listen to more with Tricia Dyck below!

Quilt Week is on display until this Sunday afternoon 4 pm.

Photo credit Manitoba Agriculture Museum Facebook page.  Click HERE for more information.