The following is the RCMP report to November 29, 2022.  This reporting period, police responded to the following calls for service.

- 5 traffic violations

- 6 provincial statute (Mental Health Act, Fire Prevention Act, Coroner's Act, 911 Act)

- 3 common police activities (alarms, suspicious persons/vehicles, assistance to general public)

- 3 crimes against property

- 2 other criminal code

- 1 other enforcement


Just a reminder that RCMP DO NOT do child abuse and adult abuse registry checks.  RCMP is responsible for criminal record checks and vulnerable sector checks.  You require a vulnerable sector check if you are in a position of trust. You must present to the detachment when applying for a vulnerable sector check. 

Position of Trust means a paid or voluntary position dealing with vulnerable people. Vulnerable people may include children, youth, the elderly, people with physical, developmental, emotional, social, or other disabilities, people who are addicted or dependent on addictive substances, and people who have been the victim of a crime or an accident.

Applicants who require a Vulnerable Sector Check from their organization must present themselves in person and provide written consent in order for the checks to be conducted.

Proper identification must be produced and recorded on the application: a government issued photo identification for the Primary Document, and a secondary document which verifies the Primary identification.

November 22, 2022

Police assisted with a matter under the Child Welfare Act in Killarney-Turtle Mountain.

November 23, 2022

Police assisted with a matter under the Mental Health Act in Killarney.

Police received a report of a theft in the Killarney-Turtle Mountain area when about 500 feet of barn board siding was stolen. Reported for information.

Police received a report of a stolen firearm in the Pleasant Valley area. The matter is being investigated.


November 24, 2022

Police were dispatched to a tractor rollover west of Deloraine. The driver suffered minor injuries.

Police received a 911 call about a kitchen fire in Ninette.  Fire and ambulance were also dispatched.  Police arrived, fire department already on scene. Grease fire in kitchen, no injuries.

Police assisted with a matter under the Family Orders and Agreement Act in the RM of Argyle.


November 25, 2022

Police received a 911 call to report a male wanted on a warrant was in Deloraine. Police attended the location but the male was gone. Matter is under investigation.


November 28, 2022

Police observed unsafe storage of a firearm while attending a call in the RM of Prairie Lakes. The matter is under investigation.

Turtle Mountain RCMP were lucky to have Cst. Neufeld and his police dog in training, Pietro do relief work for us.  Friday morning Pietro and Cst. Neufeld were up and at it rocking and rolling at the Lakeside Christian School in Killarney. They did a 30-minute presentation for the school and the kids had lots of questions. Then off to Killarney School for a walk around with the Principal and teachers left their doors open for them. It was lunch time and lots of kids everywhere. It was good for the dog, and he saw most of the school. On Tuesday, Pietro and Cst. Neufeld were back on the road and off to Boissevain School for a visit. The school opened their doors for them, and they visited almost every classroom!! Then off to Deloraine School for an afternoon visit with the kids. Pietro also left a little “present” on the gym floor in Deloraine. Got it cleaned up but have a feeling many homes will be talking about that one for a while. Pietro was quite tired when he was done his public relations work. Thanks to all the schools and Killarney council members for entertaining visits from Pietro and his handler. Sorry we didn't make it to all the schools in the area. Cst. Neufeld has been accepted into the handler course in Alberta this spring. Cst. Neufeld had this to say about the Turtle Mountain area...."This is a little gem of a community I must say. Between the Oak and Owl, Brooke at 007 Cuts and meals at the Blarney Stone, it has everything you need. And if that isn't enough to convince members to come work here......96.1 Bounce FM radio is a beauty." Both were teary eyed as they rode off into the sunrise at the end of their week with 96.1 Bounce FM playing in the background.


Reminder:  It is important to report ALL thefts, stolen or lost property to police in a timely fashion so that it can be followed up on by police and possibly related to other reports. 

If you have any information about these crimes or any other crimes, please contact the RCMP Office or Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-8477.


Police continue to remind residents to never provide personal information such as birth dates, SIN numbers, credit card numbers, or e-mail address to parties you do not know.  If you feel that you have been contacted by a fraudulent source, please contact police or Canadian AntiFraud Center immediately for further instructions on what you can do.  Canadian Antifraud Centre can be reached directly at 1-888-495-8501, however also report same to the local detachment.

We would like to advise that the business hours of operation at the Killarney Detachment are 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday to Friday. 

Boissevain Detachment business hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday to Friday.

RCMP WOULD LIKE TO REMIND THE PUBLIC TO USE THE POLICE EMERGENCY LINE FOR YOUR LOCAL OFFICE (204) 523-7255 or 911.  The administration line may not be checked until the following day or possibly the Monday following a weekend.  Members may be in another community or on the road. 

DO NOT LEAVE A MESSAGE IF YOU REQUIRE IMMEDIATE POLICE ASSISTANCE, YOU MUST DIAL 204-523-7255 (Killarney), 204-534-7261 (Boissevain), 204-747-2575 (Deloraine) OR 911 TO HAVE A POLICE OFFICER RESPOND TO YOU.  This will dispatch an officer without dispatching ambulance and fire unless required.