It's the beginning of construction season on our highways and roadways and it's important to keep our eyes peeled and speed in check when driving in a construction zone when heavy machinery, moving equipment and highway personnel are on the move, or managing traffic flow.

Things to keep in mind when driving in a construction zone include slowing down, watching for workers and driving with caution, as lanes may be closed, and traffic may be redirected. Keep enough space between you and the vehicle ahead of you and be ready to make a sudden stop. 

Construction zones will be marked by traffic control devices, including pylons or signage, at their beginning and end. A flag person may also be in the construction zone to help direct the flow of traffic. You must obey the directions of the flag person, including slowing down or stopping.

In a designated construction zone, identified at the start and the end by a special sign, the set fines for speeding over the posted speed limit will be doubled, regardless of whether workers or equipment are present, and regardless of whether the speed limit has been reduced.

However, motorists are reminded to be smart drivers whenever they're on the road, not just in construction zones.  Most traffic accidents occur during the summer months.  By August 1st of 2023, Manitoba RCMP had already documented 75 fatalities on our provincial highways within those first 7 months.  

With more traffic flow on summer weekends, the chances to be in a motor vehicle accident increases for all of us.  Speeding, driving impaired, not wearing a seatbelt, and distracted driving were among the high-risk behaviors RCMP officers documented as factors in motor vehicle accidents in 2023.

RCMP statistics of 2023 Motor Vehicle Accidents website link

Charts below show Motor vehicle collision (MVC) fatalities in Manitoba by month (2022/2023), and Serious injuries from MVC's by month (2022/2023).