The Keystone Centre will be tackling an extensive capital project at the end of this month, that being to replace the 5,401 seats in the main arena!

"We'll be starting pretty much as soon as the PBR is done at the end of May and then we should have everything done and dusted by mid-August," says Keystone Marketing Manager, Jared McKenzie. "We'll be replacing about the same number of seats.  It's going to be a massive undertaking but we're very excited for the new look of the arena"

The Professional Bull Riding Championship takes place in Westoba Place on Saturday, May 25th at the Keystone Centre. 

The Keystone Centre will be celebrating their 50th Anniversary this summer, but actually they've surpassed that milestone as of last year.  McKenzie says the Westoba Place Arena has been an incredible amenity for the community, but it is aging, just like other areas of the building.  "So, it just kind of worked out that the appropriate funding was available, and we have time over the summer, albeit limited, but everything just worked in concert and now is the time!"

McKenzie says the Brandon facility received a provincial grant of $3 million through the Arts, Culture, Sport and Community Fund in March of 2023, the arena seats being just one component on their capital 'to do' list costing approximately $2 million.

"The level of funding that was provided through the grant was enough to take care of the new seats, and to replace the air exchanger /dehumidification system for Westoba Place as well, which will also make the events we hold in the summer a lot more comfortable for everyone.  It should significantly cool it down," he adds.

"The total funding that was announced was $12.2 million in capital funding and this was in addition to the Arts Culture Sports and Community grant we got from the province worth just $3 million," explains McKenzie.