Welcome to another Made in Manitoba, as we welcome back Scott Nolan to the program. It's been about five years since the last time he joined us. Born in Toronto, and raised in Winnipeg, Scott is an acclaimed Folk/Roots songwriter, poet, multi-instrumentalist, and visual artist.

Since 2005, he's released eight albums, with his latest coming out last December, and titled "Before Tonight".

Scott performs solo, as well as a duo, trio and a with full band. Alongside performing, he's shared his passion for songwriting with others through workshops, encouraging the next generation of creators. During our conversation with Scott, he shared a really cool connection with past Made in Manitoba guest William Prince, and how his feedback about the album played a big role in how it came together... even leading to Scott changing the title of it.

This weekend, on Made in Manitoba, we'll get to know Scott Nolan, how he found his way to music and the latest effort he's put together "Before Tonight". We get started, after this.