The Turtle Mountain Souris Plains Heritage Association (TMSPHA) will be expanding the number of geocache sites across southwest Manitoba, now with the addition of two new regions to their geocache area!

Killarney-Turtle Mountain and the Town of Melita have recently joined TMSPHA, and new geocache sites will be added to the list.  Currently there are close to 30 treasures to be found in the region, each location sharing unique history of that particular location.

"Geocaching is a tremendous opportunity for us to share our area heritage with not just our local citizens and the people who live here but geocache 'bugs' are everywhere, right?!" shares Committee Chair, Jan McClelland, "and our sites have been really busy this year, which is exciting and very encouraging!"

"I've seen some of the logbooks from this year and some of our sites have already had 6 visitors this year. So, it's exciting to know that people are really looking at that aspect of heritage tourism, and tourism in general."

McClelland says they're hoping to add at least a half-dozen geocache sites to their current number. "If people haven't been to our website recently, they may want to check out the new geocache sites we added last year, and then there will be new ones added again next year!"

What is unique about TMSPHA geocaching that sets theirs apart from other geocache sites?

"Ours are spread all over the TMSPHA area," says McClelland.  "You never know where you'll end up until you get there, and they focus on a heritage point for the Turtle Mountain Souris Plains region."

"So, they're a great history lesson and they're fun to find," she adds. "So, if you're into history, they're great! If you're into exploring, they're great!"

Please listen to more of the interview with Jan McClelland below and learn more about treasure hunting in the Turtle Mountain Souris Plains Region through geocaching!

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