Keystone Agricultural Producers was disappointed there was no mention of an increase to the Farmland School Tax Rebate in the provincial throne speech.

"We would really like to see a further reduction on the school tax on farmland. There was no promise of that, but there was a mention of school tax so maybe there is something in the works," says Rob Brunel, KAP president. "We will continue to push the minister on the issue."

KAP welcomed word from the province that it will begin developing production insurance programs for cattle, swine and bees. "That's something we've been asking the minister for. So I think that's a positive thing, that producers in these areas will have some insurance-based program," he says.

Brunel says they were also pleased to hear the province has committed to work with federal and municipal governments on drainage issues. "That was probably a highlight...they mentioned the Interlake area specifically, but I think a lot of areas in the province need drainage maintenance and drainage work so we'll see how that rolls out."

"The fact that we heard about agriculture a few times in the throne speech was a good note for farmers," he says. "It was positive that we at least had a few mentions, specifically livestock insurance and drainage, and we'll continue to push them on those issues."

~ Wednesday, November 17, 2010 ~