A new golf simulator business in Souris is proving popular with area golfers.

Souris Chip and Chirp Golf is completing its first winter of operation at its location on Crescent Avenue West. The renovated building includes two simulators, an area to socialize and offers up drinks and snacks.

Owner Kevin Sparrow said he wanted to give people in the area another option for a fun night out. “I wanted to give people more stuff to do other than going to the arena every day and chase kids around which isn’t a bad thing, but adults need something to do if they aren’t into that and I thought this was a great concept for Souris.”

Chip and Chirp Golf has two simulators that actually operate with a hydraulic floor that moves up and down to simulate the angle of standing on the fairways. “You bring your own clubs in and the ball comes up on the automatic tee and you don’t have to worry about bending down to put your ball on the tee every time.”

Owners are pleased with response over the past four months, but Sparrow says they need to do more to get the word out about the business.



“I thought this would be a great retirement plan to have.”

Business is slowing as golfers turn their attention to playing outside on area courses.

“We’ll be shutting down with the weather turning nice and we plan to reopen in the fall probably sometime in October when things cool down and people look to do things indoors. We had leagues running from January to March and we held scramble tournaments every two weeks since then which has been really good,” said Kevin Sparrow.