The volunteer base in Souris has a huge void to fill with the passing of Sam Phillips.

Phillips passed away Wednesday at the age of 83.

Anyone who attended a Southwest Cougar’s home game over the past three decades will have met Sam. He had worked the front door admission booth ever since the Cougars came to Souris back in the early 1990’s.

Gerry Williams has spent a lot of time with Phillips at the rink through years of minor hockey and the SW Cougars. “When the Cougars got started he came on board and was the secretary-treasurer and he remained the signing officer with the Cougars right up until his passing. From the time the team started until the time he passed away this week he took money for the Cougars.”


Sam Phillips volunteered with minor ball, hockey, the Elks Club and Legion. He was named Citizen of the Year for Souris-Glenwood back in 2014.


Souris-Glenwood Mayor Darryl Jackson says it’s a real loss for the community.

“Absolutely huge especially for the Southwest Cougars but also the Elks Seniors team and when it comes to the Elks Club I don’t think anyone would have sold more raffle tickets than Sam. He was a valued member of the club. At the Legion he was an important part of the Friday night meat draw and he’ll be missed there’s no doubt about that.”

Jackson also spent time with Phillips on town council. “When Sam ended his work as a municipal assessor he expressed an interest to try and get on council. When he retired he ran and was successful and spent one term on council between 2010 and 2014.”

He had a real love of sports and is a two time inductee into the Manitoba Baseball Hall of Fame.

“You can’t replace him. Sam and Moffat you can’t replace them. To have somebody there that went out and put up signs. You never had to worry about Sam not being there and the job not getting done. Working the gate and taking money that’s a big thing” said Gerry Williams.