The past few week have been extremely difficult for cattle producers as they persevere through calving season in the middle of rain, snow, extreme wind and cold temperatures.  Heartland Livestock Manager in Brandon, Brennin Jack, wrote the following poem.


The 23rd of April

By: Brennin Jack 


Dedicated to all my Customers and Friends dealing with the aftermath of this huge storm. 


It was the 23rd of April on a ranch Southern Manitoba way, they were calling for a big storm so we fed the cows more hay,

we bed them up as best we could and worried how the calves would fair, the rain was cold and seemed to never stop, and the wind blew what seemed for days. 

Then the rain turned into pellets, then into slushy snow, the calves were getting awful sick, and chilled right to the bone. 

It was a night that seemed to never end with the wind that wouldn’t quit. Now the snow is getting really deep and you can’t see a hundred feet. 

We’re losing calves mighty fast, and we gotta get that stopped, but, it’s just too wet and cold out and there just ain’t no changing that. 

I stopped and asked the Lord what should I do, or have I done something wrong? I’ve lost a big percentage and its not even barely dawn. 

A crack of thunder echoed through the yard and I heard a voice plain as day, Son, lift up your head, no you’ve done nothing wrong, and listen to what I have to say. 

I see you struggle to make it through, and I know this is who you are, and not only what you do. 

But like me, it hurts to see my children go astray and not come back to me, and it’s easy to look upon your loss, but there ain’t no sense in that. 

For like me and all my children, and all the things I do for them, I can not seem to save them all, regardless of how I try. 

So stand up straight and tall my friend, for I have faith in you, put yesterday behind you now, for we have lots of work to do, and focus on the calves you saved, not on the ones that are now still. 

I heard your prayers for moisture, and tried to send in several ways, so just be strong and carry on and get through the next few days.


Photo insert:  Brennin Jack has been in the cattle industry for years, as a producer himself, and as Manager of the Virden Heartland Livestock, knowing the challenges  producers have been facing over the months of extreme weather.