It’s not often that rural Manitobans are given priority in any regard, in fact, it is exceedingly rare. So, the fact that Xplore has put us on the priority list for its 5G service is both an unexpected and pleasant surprise. 

Providing high-speed internet service to rural Canadians is the backbone of Xplore’s business. However, one might expect that the more densely populated regions of Alberta and Ontario would be at the top of their list for the roll-out of the new 5G offering. But, according to Rhonda Adair, Xplore’s District Sales Manager for Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, they looked at our province and said, “we need to offer something new and exciting to Manitoba.” 

Rhonda confirms the company’s commitment to rural customers. “Xplore is Canada's fibre, 5G and satellite broadband company for rural living. Bringing the fastest Internet technologies to rural Canadians is part of our DNA.” 

For rural internet users, high-speed service hasn’t always been easy to access, but now with Xplore’s 5G network, they can enjoy similar speeds as their urban counterparts. Adair notes, “People are actually more connected than ever and really are relying on a service that's going to allow them to connect more devices.” She proudly adds, “Your calls are going to be crystal clear you know, with your family, friends, and colleagues. You are also going to be able to stream shows and movies in up to 4K definitions with little or no buffering. On top of lightning-fast speeds.” 

And, Xplore is not stopping there with the new 5G service. Adair elaborates, “They're going to have unlimited data, no contract, so it is worry-free to try something new, and  super-fast speeds up to 100 megabits per second.” She notes the move to no contracts is rooted in Xplore’s confidence in the service. “We stand behind the speeds that we're offering.”  

Adair also reports that customers who have switched to 5G are happy they did. “The customers are very happy with the end product and the user experience, which is super important and we're seeing that across Canada as well in our other districts that are offering 5G.” It seems the call of rural internet users has at last been answered. “They’re absolutely thrilled that the product is as fast as we say it is.” 

Xplore isn’t done evolving either, Adair claims Xplore is committed to the relentless pursuit of an improved broadband experience for Canadians. “Xplore is building a world-class fibre optic and 5G wireless network to enable innovative broadband services for better everyday rural living - for today and for future generations. We’re also launching next-gen satellite service offering 100 Mbps speeds later this year.” 

Beyond the exciting new 5G service, Adair also wants Manitobans to know that Xplore is investing in the communities they service. "We've been sponsoring different local things that are important to the communities.” Portage Animal Welfare Society along with both the Altona and Steinbach Family Resource Centres have received donations from Xplore. Adair says it’s an extension of the fact that Xplore cares about its customers. “We're really trying to show how much we actually all care.” She continues, “We're a very large organization at this point, but  remain steadfast in our commitment to supporting rural communities – and not just with fast Internet!” 

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