The Boissevain-Morton-Whitewater Growing project harvest took place Wednesday afternoon on a field west of Fairfax.

Eight combines, a few trucks and grain carts worked to take off 300 acres of canola. 

Jill Tripp of Boissevain said this year’s crop looked really good. “This year we combined 300 acres of canola. It was standing good in most places and it looks likes its heavy and we hope it ends up yielding well.”

The crop yielded 49 bushels/acre and Tripp was pleased to see how the crop turned out.

Gordon Janzen the area representative for the Canadian Foodgrains Bank was on hand for Wednesday’s noon meal and harvest.

“We have 33 growing projects in Manitoba and about two-thirds have been harvested.”

The Boissevain-Morton-Whitewater Growing Project has been around for several years and support remains strong.

“We have so many sponsors who come and help us with the meal and other fund raisers throughout the year. We’re very thankful for the support from agri-retailers and other supporters in the area” said Tripp.

Del and Heather Fraser have worked with the B-M-W project for a number of years by providing the land for the crop.

“Del and Heather are very generous for allowing us to use this land for the growing project. We try to spread out the rotation so it’s not just wheat-canola and wheat-canola but it’s the easiest to do if we’re looking to get volunteers to help with combing so we try to break up the rotation and we’ll see what’s in the plan for next year” said Jill Tripp.

About 50 people showed up for the free meal and to also watch the harvest.