Boissevain School Principal Stephanie Emberly is heading west for a job with the Southwest Horizon School Division (SWHSD).

Emberly spent the past eight years as principal of Boissevain School.

Turtle Mountain School Division Superintendent Grant Wiesner says she’ll be missed. “Mrs. Emberly has accepted the position of Superintendent of Southwest Horizon, and we wish her the best with that but that means we have to fill the principal’s job at Boissevain School.”

“She’s done so much within the school and our division. She has excellent instructional and leadership abilities along with her use of data and evidence to guide decision making has worked so well. She works so hard to collaborate with other administrators in the division.”


Cheryl Rushing is chair of the Southwest Horizon School Division board and she’s excited to have Stephanie Emberly working in the division. "She's a former employee of SWHSD so she’s familiar with the division.”

“She has an excellent knowledge of education with students and all the way from early years to high school students. She has a tremendous knowledge of education and a real passion to see students excel and succeed in school.”

Grant Wiesner says whether or not they hired from within TMSD depends on the quality of applications.

Stephanie Emberly’s last day on the job at Boissevain School is June 30th and she starts work as Superintendent of the Southwest Horizon Division on July 1st.