Boundary Co-op is accepting applications for their graduation scholarships and bursaries, and that deadline is coming up at the end of this month.

"Boundary Co-op really likes to support the graduating youth in our communities, and we provide $9,000 total in bursaries to graduates of Grade 12 from schools in our trading area," explains Boundary Co-op Marketing Manager, Cheryl Rushing.

Valued at $1000, bursaries will be awarded to 6 graduates, 1 each from the Boissevain, Killarney, Deloraine, Cartwright, Waskada and Hartney graduating classes. 

"And then there is also three $1000 bursaries available to our grauating employees," adds Rushing.  "So, we encourage our graduating team members to apply for $1000 towards their post-secondary education."

"So, get your application in early and include all those good details," she shares. "We want to know all the good that you're going to do when you move on to that next chapter in your life!"

For those students who are not going into secondary education this fall, awarded bursaries can be deferred.  Please learn more about that, and more, in the rest of the interview with Boundary Co-op's Cheryl Rushing, and CJRB's Betty Sawatzky below:

Application deadline:  May 31, 2023