A program that gives students the English-language skills they need to pursue post-secondary education is returning to Brandon University (BU).

English for Academic Purposes (EAP) will resume for the 2023-24 academic year, beginning in September 2023. Typically, three EAP sessions are held each year, but BU has not offered the program since the January 2022 session.

EAP is particularly popular among international students, who wish to study in Canada, but don’t meet the English-language requirements of Canadian universities and colleges. The program is not limited to international students, though, as it is available to anyone who wants to improve their English for educational, professional or personal purposes.

“There are many international students who have the academic skills and the desire to be successful in Canada, but don’t have the experience in English to jump right into a university or college program,” said David Rowland, Director of International Activities at BU. “The last couple of years have been challenging for international students and bringing back English for Academic Purposes gives them another pathway to follow their educational dreams to Canada.”

In EAP, students are evaluated based on their level of English and placed at a suitable stage of the program. The better their command of English is, the less time they need to complete EAP. While they are here, students have access to all BU facilities and supports.

“International students bring great perspectives and vibrancy to our campus,” said Dr. David Docherty, President and Vice-Chancellor of BU. “One of our core beliefs is to make a quality university education accessible to all, and the return of EAP is a meaningful step in creating opportunities for international students and for others who just need to brush up on their English to benefit from everything that we have to offer.”


The deadline to apply for the Fall 2023 session of EAP is July 1, 2023.