Brandon resident, Wendy Bulloch, was shocked and delighted when her name was called at last night's Women of Distinction Awards Westman.

In front of a full audience at the Western Manitoba Centennial Auditorium, Bulloch was acknowledged for her many years of volunteering, mentorship and being a strong leader in a variety of communities where she serves by being awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award.

"It's very overwhelming," she shares, "and you just think about all the work that you've done with the different organizations to help the organizations, and it's very humbling. When I was nominated, I was just like, 'Really!' That's part of it, but the biggest thing is I've always believed you have to give back."

"I've been very fortunate in my life that I was able to get lots of opportunities and have had neat things happen," she adds. "So, one of the things that I do a lot of is I work with non-profits and work with organizations and work with developing their Boards and developing their Strat (strategic) Plans, and just supporting people."

Wendy grew up on a farm in Southwestern Manitoba.  She is a graduate of the Faculty of Home Economics and has a Certificate in Adult and Continuing Education from the University of Manitoba.  She also holds a Certificate of Leadership from the University of Saskatchewan.  She says she has enjoyed many amazing learning opportunities in her career and has been recognized as a 'process builder' to people and organizations.

"I've just had wonderful mentors too, and I've had great experiences with work, and I think that helps to mold us all into better people."

Bulloch has been a resident of Brandon for 38 years and is a proud mom and grandma, and is a strong advocate for the 4-H program

"I can't say enough about the 4-H program," she adds. "I grew up in it, I got to work in it.  It's a really good program that helps mold a lot of young people."

She encourages the younger generation of women to be invested in their communities, but she also shares her encouragement to the older generation, to be welcoming and continue cheering on that younger set of community leaders.

The Lifetime Achievement Award honors the women who are 55 years or older who have made significant and varied contributions to the community in any of the Women of distinction categories.  Nominees and recipients are role models who have tirelessly contributed to the community in many ways, for many years, as advocates, volunteers and/or mentors.  They exhibit strength, wisdom, and character that serve as an inspiration to those around them.

It's important to note Brandon area resident, Marilyn Palmer, was also nominated for the Lifetime Achievement Award for her years of dedication and service to the numerous communities she touches through her Scouting mentorship, youth volunteer programs and mental health wellness programs at Prairie Breeze Stables.

Please listen to more with Wendy Bulloch below!

(Photo below: Wendy Bulloch (second from the right) poses for a picture with her friends and family at the WMCA)