The Wawanesa United Church Choir packed the house at their local community hall a couple of weeks ago for their music night fundraiser - this to raise money for their First Responders Medical team!

Event co-coordinator, Sandra Smith, says they were overwhelmed at the support that came out to support their local fire department and emergency medical team.

"The evening was fantastic! We had a huge crowd," shares Smith.  "It was so fun!"

Performers included 'From a Few Friends', showcasing the talent of local musicians and folks from Brandon.  As well, more local talent including their local choir and talent from the school all took to the stage.

The evening raised just under $1000 just from a silver collection, "just from throwing money into the hat, so it was great!"

The funds raised will go towards the purchase of splints to stabilize the lower half of the body when injured.

Smith says their local medical First Responders are a vital part of their community. "They are our first line of medical care, as we no longer have an ambulance in our community, and so when we call 911 it also goes to the Oakland-Wawanesa Fire Department," she explains. "And the medical First Responders are able to attend to provide life-saving services, they just cannot transport. But they are all very trained individuals.

"When they come it's just such a relief to have trained First Responders there as a companion there at least until the ambulance arrives and takes the individual where they need to be," she adds. "They are essential to our well-being, that's for sure!"

"And they're such a great group of guys too," says Smith, "the compassion and the caring that they are offering.  We all know them in the community and so that makes it special too. We all know who's coming through the door!"

There are about 2 dozen members who volunteer for the Oakland-Wawanesa Fire Department who are trained in CPR and First Aide. Of those, nine are trained extensively in the First Responder Program.  "We are blessed, and our Green Acres Hutterite Colony have a number of their family members trained as well, so that's also really good."

"We had a great night and so we want to thank all the performers, all the volunteers, cookie bakers, and all who came to the evening," she adds. "It was fantastic! And there were lots from our fire department in attendance as well and so they were able to enjoy the music too!"

Please listen to more with Sandra Smith below!